How to draw a horse

Below you can see example of drawing of a horse. I draw usually by hand. Always while drawing I look at the real horses. I never trace any photos but I look on many pictures to imagine myself what are the proportions of horse body.
Then I make simple sketch of basic shape:

drawing step 1

Later I start adding the most significant and obvious elements details (head, legs, back part)

drawing step 2

After basic elements i connect them. If necessary I use eraser and I correct them until the drawing is good enough.

drawing step 3

drawing step 4

On the picture above you can see that I drew 2 straight lines through the neck. This is because the neck seems to be too long. I decided to “shorten” it later in digital image.
After that I scan the picture and put it info Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.
And I paint over it with my brush in graphic program.

If you do not have any of commercial graphic programs you can use an excellent free online tool – It has all the necessary options for digital drawing and is perfect for learn.

drawing step 5

I use my pencil drawing as a background for digital painting.

drawing step 6
drawing step 7

Thanks to digital tools it is possible to change anything – horse neck curve, hair, horse tail, legs etc.


That is the final picture.
I have also prepared higher resolution image if you like to print it. Here you will fing the drawing of a horse prepared as a coloring page.