How to draw a tiger

Here is my way of drawing a tiger.
First, you need to look at the real tigers. It may be on some BBC wildlife channel, on internet pictures or in a ZOO. Pay attention to proportions of tiger’s body, and to details.
Never trace images, but always look at the images.

First I draw simple proportions. I measure in my mind the lenght of tiger’s body, neck, legs, tail etc. And I sketch simple shape which will be my base for further drawing steps.

tiger step 1

Then on this base I add more details.

I still use pencil and eraser.

When my drawing of a tiger is satysfying I draw fine liner pen on the pencil illustration track.

When fine liner picture is ready i erase the pencil.

When picture of tiger is ready i make the scan (it may be digital photo, but scanner allows me to preserve original angles, with no distorsions).

In Adobe Photoshop I adjust the contrast of paper and line art.

This way I get the final result of “drawing of a tiger”.

If you like to print it, here you can download drawing of a tiger prepared in high resolution as a coloring page.